Christopher S. Reigeluth, PhD is a professor, author, and licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in boys and men’s mental health, gender socialization, and adolescent masculinities. He currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the School of Graduate Psychology at Pacific University. Below is some additional information on background, training, and interests.

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Education & Training

Dr. Reigeluth completed his doctoral training at Clark University including a two-year fellowship at the Yale University Child Study Center. Throughout graduate school and his career, Dr. Reigeluth’s research and clinical focus has been on boys and men’s mental health and understanding ways that dominant messages about “manhood” can influence well-being. His area of specialization is adolescent masculinities.  


Dr. Reigeluth’s research explores adolescent boys, masculine gender socialization and psychological well-being. He directs the Masculinities and Mental Health Research Group at Pacific University. His publications include peer-review journal articles and book chapters with a book in the works. Dr. Reigeluth’s current research focuses on school-based gender education and awareness-building programs for teen boys and teachers. See Resume and Publications for more information. 

Clinical Psychology

Dr. Reigeluth is licensed in the state of Oregon (No. 2939). As a clinical psychologist, his primary orientation and therapeutic modality is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a third wave cognitive behavioral therapy. Along with boys and men’s mental health, Dr. Reigeluth’s clinical expertise includes child and adolescent trauma, anxiety and other stress-related conditions. He has worked extensively with individuals, families and groups. Dr. Reigeluth can provide clinical consultation and supervises doctoral students at the Pacific Psychology and Comprehensive Health Clinic. He is in the design and pilot stage of a school-based ACT skills group for teens with anxiety. See Clinical Services for more information.

Professional Organizations and Other Positions

American Psychological Association

Center for Gender Equity

  • Advisory Board Member

Society for Research on Adolescence

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Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

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